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  • January 2015

    Setting the scene (we’re photographers, which means we’re visual!) plus we’re quite sure that if you’re visiting our website, that you’re excited to learn more about us. Maybe excited is too strong a word? You don’t mind putting up with a bit of our rambling? Okay. Back to the scene!

    We’re sitting in our office. January on the island, which in one word means – rain. Two brown, wet, large (possibly smelly) dogs are lying on matching mats next to our desks.

    January, the time of fresh beginnings. We’re going to share our New Year resolutions with you, because we feel that many of them will affect you sometime in the future (when we have you captured in front of our lens!)
    Here they are, in no particular order: Submit to more feature/blogging sites (are you ready for your 15 minutes of fame?). Take a photo every day. Work on our night shooting skills. Take a more personal approach to social media. This means sharing more photos of our dogs! Just kidding. Just kidding, about kidding. Make sure that every client/friend walks away from a shoot with us 100% satisfied. We’ve never totally understood the concept of 110%, but if that’s a personal goal of yours – we can buy into it! Walk daily (our dogs give us no choice, so that’s an easy one!). Okay that was Lisa’s goal. Lacey’s is yoga three times a week… that’s a better resolution than Lisa’s. But she’s not altering hers!

    We are thankful to have shared in so many moments in your lives and are so excited to capture your big {and small} celebrations of 2015!

    With love,

    The IMP family,
    Lisa & Andre, Lacey & Nathan, Skeena & Grizz

Lacey has had a vision for a rowboat shoot for FOREVER! 

She finally got her hot little hands on one for us before Christmas.  The holidays hit and there was no time to incorporate it into a shoot.

Then… our lovely friends Kayla and Leif – said YES!  To the boat that is. This sweet little craft has been hiding behind the shop at Lisa & Andre’s.  We booked the shoot Monday night, and Tuesday morning struggled to load her into the back of Lacey’s old truck.

Off to the beach we went… with four-way flashers on and holding back traffic on Northwest Bay Road…

At the beach it was another struggle to haul her down to the water.  Then K&L arrived (with Grande Chai’s – thank you!) – and because they were travelling – no rubber boots in sight. 

We had realized during the loading process that there was only one seat, so rinsed off a gardening bucket and grabbed towels for K&L to sit on.  There is no cleat – so we grabbed a screw and a line.

Would she float?  Lacey offered to be the test subject….  Pushed her off the beach…. And, YES!  No leaks!  Success.

As for our couple …fearless…yes, they were.

Leif – a rower extraordinaire… Kayla, lovely, brave and bootless in the boat.  Seal lions and seagulls and eagles frolicked and flew.  Romance was in the air. 

To end, water in the shoes of the kind stranger who offered to help us carry the boat back up the bank…. Just another morning at Island Moments!



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