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{Field of Dreams}

The background behind this shoot? Where do we begin?

With our hot couple of course!

The sweetest of {real life} lovers 🧡🧡 Ash & Braeden. The laughter {really} never stops when we’re with you. You’re beautiful people with the kindest of souls {and, can we just add; you’re both verry fast and have really, really cute bums!}. See our Facebook posts for reference.

Marieke aka Cake Lady aka BFF aka Award winning Coastal Cake Company owner. Ummm. We are not exaggerating – angels sing when they taste your divine creations . There were small, but fierce arguments over who got to take home the leftovers from this session.

Did you notice the drool marks???  Ummm yeeesssss.  Autumn ~ The Noble Grazer, this was the most resplendent charcuterie we have seen!   We are so glad about two things especially.  One, that you are here in Nanoose. Two, that you are here in Nanoose. Don’t ever leave us!

Goes with out saying, if one of the babes from Salon Muse is stylin’ ~ we know it’s going to be a boss do! Alexa, you nailed it!

Camille, eeek. The most darling, whimsical bouquet ever created by Daughter of Flowers.  We loved that they were all your own blooms {with the exception of the few grown by a friend}. Lisa is still apologizing for trying to shake your hand {oh, these covid days 🤦🏼‍♀️} but at least she didn’t come at you for a hug.

We have five of these crazy gorgeous blankets from our fabulous friend at Modest Maverick! Any one of her blankets would have made the set up stellar! We have used them in sooo many sessions and we will continue to – they are our fave!

The gorgeous macrame pillows displayed brought the boho feel more to life! Jessica from Black Bird Creative is crazy crafty with her hands!

And lastly, the gorgeous chapeau that Ash is rockin’, is from a brand new Canadian hat company called West Von. Her hats are sooo stunning ~ and this one gave just the right kind of sexy vibe to the session.

Some days are simply dreamy. And this was one of them.

Thank you all for lending your magic to us.

All the love, Lis & Lace

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