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{Love} is in the {Air}


This was not your average shoot…

Usually the woman in the white dress gets all the attention. But this time it was a toss-up. When there is an eagle in the room, or in this case – at the shore – all the focus is on one thing. That huge majestic creature.

Heard the term eagle eye before? He is watching everything!! You can’t help but move closer, then wham. It’s like an invisible barrier. How close can you get without invading his space?

So many people to thank… we have much gratitude to Anne and Matt for sharing their time, kindness and amazing eagle, Eddy, with us all.

Tasha and Dan the more moments we spend with you the more we fall in love.

You two are truly gorgeous souls inside and out. And you both have the best hair!!!!

Keri – you hot thang – THANK YOU for introducing us to your wonderful friends!

Vern and Connie. We love this boat!!!! Have we said that yet? 😉

Kimberly ~ you know we just think this is the best place in Nanoose!!!

Shear (simply sensational) Inspiration Studio. Kelsey and Toni. Whoa. Once again. Just wow.

And to all of you, kind friends….thank you for taking the time out of your own busy lives to watch all the crazy things that are happening at Island Moments! We appreciate you so very much! xoxo, L & L


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