wanderlust Workshops & mentorship opportunities

are you feeling the WANDERLUST? Hey, Us too!

So, what exactly is wanderlust? There are a few interpretations, but this one really speaks to us:

Wanderlust represents that urge to break free from everyday life and experience something new and unknown.

To us, wanderlust is a state of mind.

It's a constant seeking of something new & inspiring!

Maybe it’s not physical travel but emotional and creative adventure you’re looking for.

Do you want to enhance your creativity? Your social media presence? Have some fun?

Every so often does it feel like you're stuck in a rut? You're grateful for your paying work (as we all are!), but sometimes have this overwhelming desire to bust out doing something fresh + crazy!

The Wanderlust Workshops are our formal educational series. We pair casual seminar style learning with over-the-top content sessions.

Where does the Wanderlust take us for these Workshops? Some pretty amazing places all around the Island! Picture Rosewall Grove, The Wickaninnish Inn's private Shell Beach, Tofino Botanical Gardens.

You never know where we'll be heading to next!


We also host impromptu content sessions when the urge hits + time permits ;)


Do you want to be a part of these fun and fruitful days? Yes, yes you do! And, we would love to hook up with you! Who are we looking to collaborate with?

Well, are you a local (or distant) creative who wants to showcase your product or service?

Are you a model? Someone who wants to model? Are you looking for an opportunity to build your portfolio?

Are you a photog, ready to up your game?


If you fit into any of these categories, we really + truly want to connect!

Please reach out to us anytime! We love to have a resource rich library of creatives, models and photogs ready to play with us at the last minute!

Talking about connections? We value these relationships and want to chat about this a bit more :)

We have met some of our dearest friends through these events.

We are uber grateful to each person who participates (in any role) at a workshop or content session, and we do everything in our power to support their dreams too.

Our community is a stronger + more beautiful place when we lift each other up!


All Wanderlust Workshop openings + opportunities will be posted on our social media.

However, our Impromptu Content Session may not be. So please reach out to us anytime, so we can add you to our list of fabulous, first-called colleagues!


We are inspired. Every day.

By foggy forest mornings. Golden sand between our toes. By sparkle water and rainbows.

By the human connections we observe. Those connections are the foundation of life.

As photographers, it is our role + privilege to capture these stories and create forever memories.


Do you feel that inspiration? Or, have you hit a plateau with your shooting?

Are you struggling with light or posing and need a gentle redirect?

Or maybe you feel a wee bit intimidated walking into a wedding venue for the first time?

Do you want to hone your skills and grow your business?


We've got you!

First, we want you to know that We are honored that you would consider reaching out to us.

Through our years of experience - and hundreds + hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions – we have discovered as a team – that the best results come from bouncing ideas off one another!

We’re constant learners and challenge each other to improve all the time.

There’s always something new to embrace and we live for the epitome moment when an idea clicks perfectly!


If you're ready to grow your business and level up your shooting game, then we'll want to know:

What aspects of your business are you focusing on improving?

Workflow, pricing, client interaction and experience, editing, styling, your use of light, posing, or something else?


Mentorship options

If it's time for you to reach out and take the next steps in attaining your creative + business dreams, here are your options:


* At a portrait session with our clients *

You will observe and have limited shooting opportunities.


* At a real-life wedding *

You will fully immerse yourself in the day with us. Your role will be threefold - observer, assistant and shooter.

You will be included in our workflow and authentic interactions with the couple and their families and friends.

You will see and learn how we quickly analyze the light and location for the most meaningful images.

You will assist and observe our setting up of bridal details throughout the day.


* At your dream portrait session *

After consultation with you, we arrange to visit a unique location with models.

You will have the opportunity to shoot and direct as well as observe our workflow and interactions.

This is a one-on-one creative content session.

* Bonus add-ons *

All mentorships will include headshots of you, and

Scheduled pre + post event Q&A phone sessions with us.


If hanging out with the IMP ladies sounds like a dream (and we hope it does)...

Then reach out to us for the next steps!

We will send you details on your investment, what your experience will include, and when we can make this connection happen.

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